Project type:

Keyword Research


Md. Hasnatuzzaman


2 Months


Link Building Service




September 31, 2023

About the Project

Welcome to the portfolio showcase of Texthopper, where keyword research met excellence. Texthopper entrusted me with the task of elevating their online presence through comprehensive keyword research, and the results speak for themselves.

Project Overview:

Objective: Enhance Texthopper’s online visibility through strategic and data-driven keyword research methods.

ApproachEmployed a combination of advanced keyword research techniques, competitor analysis, and industry trends to ensure Texthopper’s content aligns with search intent and stands out in search engine results.

Key Takeaways

Strategic Keyword Analysis

In-depth analysis to identify and target high-relevance keywords, ensuring Texthopper’s content aligns with user search intent

Competitor Benchmarking

Comprehensive study of competitors to uncover keyword opportunities, allowing Texthopper to stay ahead in search engine ranki

Targeted Long-Tail Strategy

Implementation of a focused long-tail keyword strategy, capturing specific audience segments and niche markets for enhanced visibility

Explore the Success

To delve into the success of Texthopper’s keyword research project, visit texthopper.com

Texthopper now enjoys improved search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, and a stronger online presence, all attributed to a strategic and comprehensive keyword research approach

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